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Search, manage and enjoy your bookmarks

Seek and will find

You remember some word from a web page you've bookmarked? Search your bookmarks with these words. No need to remember the title or url of the page. No need to tag or structure your bookmarks to folders. No need to think about good description for your bookbark.

We will download the page you are bookmarking and add it to your private Mymarx search index.

Online Backup

Why bother collecting bookmarks if you can lose them in a moment? With Mymarx service your bookmarks are safely stored online. Do not spent time making manual backups. Do not keep document with your bookmarks.

Install in two (!) clicks and feel safe!

Some for friends

Found awesome food recipes in Internet? Share! Do not be jealous! Share with friends!

Hide your private web sites on your online Mymarx bookmarks page and then just press Like or Share. Sharing your beloved web sites is fine way to express yourself to the friends.

In the pocket

Open your Mymarx web page on your phone and have the best of your Internet in the pocket!

We plan to deliver native apps for devices. Drop me a note if your really want to use your bookmarks across devices

Blink fast

You do not need to read tones of monotonous text to comprehend information. Mymarx adds screen shots images of your bookmarks so that you see them as fast as you open the New Tab.

We do not ask

Our service is automatic.
You do not need to spend time to tag your bookmark, to enter description to make bookmark searchable as you need them, to spent time managing folders structure or to pin the best pages for the fast access.

We do the service, forget the rest.

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